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McCormick-Deering.Com focuses primarily on antique tractors and in our initial launch of this website, information is sparse. As we grow we hope to compile and make available information on many more years and models of tractors (and other machinery) produced by International Harvestor.

Preserving the history of "old iron" is at the heart of our efforts - documented history, physical preservation, and restoration of remaining tractors. We are working to identify enthusiasts, parts suppliers - both NOS and reproduction, technical manuals, and historical accuracy.

Additionally, we hope to make available stories from you and others who have worked with these magnificent machines over the years to produce food for a grateful nation over the decades.

Again, we appreciate your patience while we grow.

Tractor Listing

Please note that links are enabled only for those models for which we have information available at this time.

Please contact us at the email link below and let us know your area of interest and what information you would like to see added. We will prioritize our growth according to your requests suggestions.

Also, if you have pictures, stories, and other information about personal farm history and tractors and you would like to contribute to this section, please contact us at the email link below. All information provided will be properly attributed.

Mogul and Titan
1909 to 1917

No data available at this time.

IHC Mogul Model 12-25
  • Type C Mogul, 20 HP
  • Type C Mogul, 25 HP
  • Type D Titan, 20 HP
  • Type D Titan, 25 HP
  • Type D Titan, 18-35 HP
  • Type D Titan, 27-45 HP
  • Type D Titan, 30-60 HP

McCormick-Deering 15-30 Gear Drive Tractor
1921 to 1934

This section is of particular interest for many of us at McCormick-Deering.Com. These are the model tractors with which we farmed seven sections of wheat, maze, milo and millet. The links below will take you to featured stories, pictures, and video when available.
IHC Kerosene Model 10-20

Following 1928, the New 15-30; also called 22-36

McCormick-Deering W-40 and WD-40 Tractors

These tractors are increasing in value and we have a WK-40 project tractor and information associated with the restoration for your viewing. Also, you may find this hard to believe, but we know the whereabouts of the No. 1 Diesel - a WD-40 which is the very first diesel tractor made. It has been restored and is in running condition and we hope to do a story on this tractor in the future.